Friday, October 16, 2009

Childhood Delusions

So when you're a little kid, say.. eight or nine years old, and your main influence is the other little kids at school, you tend to believe quite a bit of stuff that's just not true. Or at least I did.

Today I was sitting at home, watching Star Wars (as per usual; my family is weirdly but pleasantly obsessed with the movies), and at the end of Episode II, when Padme and Anakin have just married and are busily making out, I realize something: I used to believe that on-screen kissing was a camera trick.

In fact, I distinctly remember some equally impressionable child telling me that the actors in movies aren't actually kissing--that kissing scenes are simply filmed so that it looks like the characters are kissing but the actors don't actually kiss. This is, of course, complete bogus and just wrong, but at the time I didn't question it.

Of COURSE it's a camera trick.. they wouldn't make actors kiss. Anyhow, it'd be illegal. You can't kiss someone you're not married to. Or else you go to Hell.


  1. I used to act in plays in high school. Apparently, there's something called a "stage kiss" that you're supposed to do for kissing scenes. I never learned it and just kissed away, tongue and all. Good times.


  2. and all your friends and family DIE! hahaha.
    I used to think that "No Vacancy" signs on motels meant they didnt have restrooms there.