Thursday, March 18, 2010

Web Plague

This is the story of my friend whose personality and ideas I'm going to exploit for the purpose of this blog. Let's call him "Skeeter." Skeeter goes to community college, is a part-actually-basically-none-of-the-time Deejay slash composer musician type doodad who is almost always broke or nearly broke and spends much of his time complaining about his brokeness or other people's personality flaws. You're beginning to see the irony, I know you are.
I've kindly suggested to Skeeter that if he's so interested in DJing and the music world and breaking into the industry that he should probably be majoring in music, and not his current major (which as far as I can tell is nothing). He knows next to nothing about Music Theory and his music is listenable.. if you happen to be that rare breed of person who likes ambient music with the delightful twist of occasional moaning.
He decided, however, that my idea was impractical and that nobody would expect him to know anything about music theory in the recording world, if he ever broke in.
Then he came up with a brilliant idea for a viral website (he has next to no idea how to build a website) where people would sponsor him not to work. As in, "Send me money via PayPal so that I can keep on doing exactly what I'm doing."
My response of course, was something along the lines of "I'm totally on board with this, Skeeter. I mean, that's really all it takes for something to go viral. Someone says it's viral and then everyone else is immediately infected."


  1. Skeeter kind of sounds like a dick. Why are you two friends still?

  2. Your friend sounds pretty stupid, good luck trying to get him on track!

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