Friday, October 9, 2009

More Favorites :) You Can Dig

The only reason I have a TV set is so I can watch movies. I absolutely hate television (yes, that includes HBO) and would literally rather be doing *gasp* anything, including shaving a septuagenarian's BACK HAIR than actually sit and watch TV. However, being a person whose values are built almost solely on contradictions, I can't resist movies. Of my many vices, this is the least off-putting. I have loved movies since before I can remember (having known all the words to every Disney movie there was by the time I was 5), and continue to watch movies (on average) at least once a day. These range to all genres, time periods, languages, budgets, whatever. I plan, in the future, to make Top Ten Lists of the best of the main genres, but for the mean time I'll just list some movies that are worth seeing.

First Prize for "Absolutely Horrid But Somehow Incredibly Entertaining" goes to..
"Hackers" (1995)
[runner-up: "Tron" (1982)]

"Best Independent Science Fiction That You'll Watch Nine Times and Still Not Understand" goes to..
"Primer" (2004)
[runner up: "the Prestige" (2006)]

"Best Animated Film" goes to..
"The Lion King" (1994)
[runner up: "Tonari No Totoro"/"My Neighbor Totoro" (1988)]

"Best Foreign Film" goes to..
"Shichinin No Samurai"/"The Seven Samurai" (1954)
[runner up: "Jeux D'enfants"/"Love Me If You Dare" (2003)]

As annoying as it is, I get really irritated when people haven't seen the classics. Especially if those classics were like, in theatres while these people were in high school. Really? You're forty-seven and you haven't seen Star Wars? Do not talk to me. Also don't bother talking to me if you haven't at least seen the Wizard of Oz. I'm really not trying to say that these are the best movies ever made, but it honestly just pisses me off knowing that these same people HAVE seen movies like "Legally Blonde 2" and "Twilight."


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