Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If J. K. Rowling Had A Death Wish

Okay, literally, like if she had a death wish, she would have done exactly as she did, but with one little addition at the end of the seventh Harry Potter novel (The Deathly Hallows).

The hype about Harry Potter is famed across the world; having been translated into dozens of languages, the books and movies of course all have their own wikipedia and Imdb entries, people dress up as the characters for fun, I may or may not have personally waited hours before midnight on the night of the release of the last book... whatever.

But what if the last book ended slightly differently? Here's how I would have written the end of the novel, were I J.K. Rowling with a death wish:

"Harry then woke abruptly to the sound of Aunt Petunia rapping smartly on the door of the little cupboard under the stairs, where he slept. The dream had seemed so vivid--he recalled that there had been magic, real magic, and that someone in his dream... someone with a funny name had been trying to hurt him. As shafts of light fell into the tiny cupboard, illuminating the spider's webs that clung to the underside of the staircase, the last vestiges of Harry's dream left his mind entirely. He put on his bland gray school uniform and opened the door of the cupboard to face another grueling Monday morning with the Dursleys.

The End."

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